1. People of Maryland Deathfest XII May 2014 Baltimore Maryland

    by Karla Fuller-Palmer

  2. A very Twin Peaks-influenced couple of photos of Caitlin.

    Titled: Mountain in Me, Fire Walker & Audrey Knows Too Much

  3. Marlena and some dead stuff.

  4. I was in a creative/ vain mood & took some self portraits featuring black glitter lips & a Cavi Cone by Caviar Gold. (disclaimer: i am a legal mmj patient in the state of washington).

  5. Creepy fun with beautiful Trisha!

  6. Preview of creepy fun shoot with Trisha <3 XOXO!

    More soon…

  7. Skydottir 4th Anniversary show at Rebar

    photos by Karla Fuller-Palmer

  8. Self portraits.

  9. Day three of Seattle artist Sarah Robicheau’s Kickstaeter campaign and she’s already funded! But don’t let that deter you from donating, she’s posted some rad stretch goals with plenty of new treats for backers! Go to tinyurl.com/parity-kickstarter and back this meaningful project today!

  10. Hello friends! Today a video I made for an artist’s KickStarter fund went live, and I’d love for you to check it out (it’s only 3.5 mins).

    The artist, Sarah Robicheau, and I worked closely on this concept to address and flesh out what she was doing and why she’s seeking patronage. This project is creating a space for "visual dialogue about loss, identity and renewal" in regards to infertility in a very baby-centric society. This is going to be a great project both in doors of discussion opened and the artwork itself.

    Please check it out and donate if you feel moved, thank you ❤️

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